FAST DE is a brand new band by young bassist and composer Daniel Eskens. Aside from his work as a sideman (Jo Goes Hunting, Opera Alaska, Baer Traa) the time has come to present his own project at Amersfoort World Jazz Festival!
FAST DE is the ultimate attempt to combine jazz, altpop, club music and improv. It’s an explosive bulk of pure energy, pop compositions overflowing with complex rhythm and improvisational technique on one side and deep synth bass on the other.

FAST DE is Dario Trapani on guitar, Jimmi Hueting on drums and Daniel Eskens on bass and synths. Over the last few years, they have built a reputation as a progressive and ambitious trio, famed for their exciting and eclectic live act. On August 15 they’ll present their latest record, with exclusive artwork by modern art painter Theo Renirie. All in all; one to watch, as far as we’re concerned.

Dario Trapani – guitar
Daniel Eskens – bassguitar/synthesizer
Jimmi Hueting – drums


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The Netherlands

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