The uniquely melodic trumpet player Gidon Nunes Vaz is one of the most sought after sidemen in The Netherlands. He played with John Engels, The Eric Ineke JazzXpress and Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, whose trombone star Bert Boeren will join Nunes Vaz to present their new album, Spirit.

Nunes Vaz’ music has been well received in The Netherlands, but also in Japan, where he tours regularly. However, it’s Amersfoort World Jazz Festival’s turn first as Nunes Vaz’ new lineup full of outstanding Dutch musicians hits De Observant on August 12! Expect compositions that are unmistakably rooted in the jazz tradition, that swing, but bring a looming sense of blues with them at all times..


Gidon Nunes Vaz – flugelhorn, trumpet
Jasper van Damme – alto saxophone
Bert Boeren – trombone
Timothy Banchet – piano
Cas Jiskoot – double bass
Yoran Vroom – drums


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