Via her Vasalis album, a performance of ‘Diep In Mijn Hart’ on Dutch tv and the songs of great children’s book author Annie M. G. Schmidt in Carré, Janne Schra finally dared to dream of writing songs in Dutch. After years of using the English language to express herself and entertain audiences far and wide, now, there is an album rooted in Fats Waller and 20s jazz; authentic, adventurous and a touch melancholic, but with lyrics that keep you grounded in the here and now. Expect a performance wild as drunk tigers, yet small and shining bright like a drop of lime in an ice cold glass.

Schra formed a band with ex-members of Room Eleven and wrote most of these new songs together with pianist Tony Roe. Amidst a global pandemic, the band recorded In De Regen (‘in the rain’) including the odd old pearl and sung poems by M. Vasalis and Joost Oomen, most of this new album consists of originals. It takes us from kintsugi to hurricane names and from gentrification to the mysticism of love, following the Jannian red thread her fans all recognize and love. Don’t miss it on August 8 at KOSMIK!

Janne Schra
Tony Roe
Lucas Dols
Mark van Kersbergen


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