Are you ready to be mystified? Belgian pianist Jef Neve brings an ode to wonder in his Mysterium program. Isn’t there a certain beauty in not knowing everything all the time? On DATE, he will bring his captivating compositions to Lieve Vrouwekerkhof. Experience the liberating joy of childish naivety, the complete absence of the exact and the complete surrender to the ubiquitous.

Neve was inspired by the versatile tone of three tenor saxophones, bringing a balance of aggression and casual improv as well as regal and classical. Complemented by trumpet and bass trombone, he brings even more extremes together, based in the comfortable foundation of piano and double bass. In short; a jolting programme that we can’t put our finger on just yet.

Jef Neve, piano
Teus Nobel, trompet
Bruno Van der Haegen, sax
Steven Delannoye, sax
Andy Dhondt, sax
Nathan Wouters, contrabas
Pieter Kindt, bastrombone


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