PEAX was born as a crossover project by saxophonist Ties Mellema and percussionist/drummer Barry Jurjus. Together, they combine all music that inspired them over the last 20+ years as classical and crossover musicians and blend them into this project. That means PEAX comprises all types it takes to make a word; from minimal music to funk, jazz to baroque and avant-garde to drum & bass.

Covid brought PEAX together, as these two touring musicians suddenly found the time to get together and exchange ideas. Their musical connection proved undeniable, and they decided to start composing. The result, RESET, will be presented on August 10 at De Observant!

Ties Mellema – saxophones, electronics, keys
Barry Jurjus – vibraphone, bells, percussion, drums, electronics


Stichting Amersfoort Jazz
p/a Hamersveldseweg 84a
3833 GT Leusden
The Netherlands

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