Avant Gardists gather round; Teis Semey is presenting his latest release, Burnt Velvet, on August 8 in KOSMIK! The renowned composer brings his band, which is more of a small family, to Amersfoort. And they’ve come a long way, too; South Korea, Scotland, Portugal, Denmark and The Netherlands have been called home by this unusual ensemble. They play together lots, not just in this setting, and have managed to refine their interplay marvellously.

Semey is a decorated composer; he won the Prinses Christina Concours and the Keep An Eye Jazz Award for Best Arrangement, his compositions were featured by classical rebel collective Pynarello and at the Concertgebouw Entree Festival and he toured half the world in the meantime. Now, he’s here with his next package: a guitar fueled near-danceable improvisational sonic palette infused with Scandinavian and classical influences lays the groundwork for this new album.

Teis Semey – Gitaar
Alistair Payne – Trumpet
José Soares – Alt saxofoon
Jort Terwijn – Kontrabas
Sun Mi Hong – Drums


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