Jazz at the Philharmonic, or JATP (1944–1983), was the title of a series of jazz concerts, tours and recordings produced by Norman Granz, the biggest jazz impresario in jazz history. The concerts were actually a big organized jam-session with world star jazz icons. For this tribute Edward Dijxhoorn, who has been chairman of the Amersfoort for the last 10 years, made a selection of his favorite artists from this period which are brought together for the first time in this unique combination. Edward has a special story for each selected artist.


Cathrine Legardh (Denmark) – vocals
Izaline Calister – vocals
Anton Goudsmit – gitaar
Ruud Breuls – trompet
Marius Beets – contrabas
Miquel Rodriguez – piano
Ellister van der Molen – trompet
Sylwester Ostrowski – sax
Alexander Beets – sax
Rolf Delfos – sax
Gijs Dijkhuizen – drums


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